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Indian ustav

Utsav Darshan 3 is the ego favorite of all the 'golden' Vishnu; Greetings to the sun and Brahmins love food. '| 'Honey is sweet, honey is sweet, grapes are sweet and nectar is sweet too. Wherever his mind joins, it is sweet to him. 'The festivals exceed the limits of both the above subhasya. The festivities are sweet to everyone, not just to a particular person or class, but to everyone. That is why it has become universal and universal. Mahakavi Kalidasa has rightly said that Rav ya: Many Manuga: We love festivals, because they give us a short break from everyday life. On the day of the festival, the human being, under the burden of employment and lavish lifestyles, feels relaxed by breathing a little free breath, opening up the inertia of life, freeing it for a while. Occasional festivals, such as the Moon of the Seed, escape the guilt of over-familiarity. Sometimes the coming festivals make us feel like we are welcome. If the festivity of the festival is a lovin