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Karma pooja

Conservation - worship is the only karma that you have done to instill the spirit and value of it, and its rewards are acceptable to God. It is not right for us to accept karma-karma. Dedicated fruit becomes a prasad and that prasad creates happiness in our lives. It is the same spirit of wealth, God has given all of this to your power, so I accept it as a blessing only after I have taken your cattle .This thankful intellect is behind it. | Water is a life-forming life that should be carried on in the footsteps of God, as long as life looks like it. After worshiping the jawan, you put the second time in silence, the third time, and after being crushed, tell us that if you suck it, then it is said that we have nothing to do with it. If life comes to you in the forest, then what is it? , Karmas ramapita you and do not dull, but nice during the lifetime of the Lord is the true worship of the Lord, we acknowledge the work .Nr ILDL Secondary Prata"Measure me b khapap new goat is expected to bow down to the pujan in the stool! See that noble thing is merely an outward character. | But even if you are born, do you accept happiness? In their life, their worship line becomes such a pram, the speech has not become P 'VVP - I know that a village called Nanapunam. This letter is done by Jani '* 3 sweet-hearted. The common omnipotent meaning is to get a special touch and | Do not worry about me, I try to remove the poor and the poor from the human life, and I will take it for granted. She should have courage and for that the letter would be such a leaf, [vergreen life is going to be a life of miserable writing that I am happy without changing the view of the forest. It is also a symbol of asking for it. The specialty of carrying on "The act of floral wreath indicates that we are worshiping God with flower, karma and floral, since God is not. Awake role = what should be water or irrigation? That is, we should be pleased with the Capricorn of knowledge as well as being enamored with the mardav of Pram, and seeing that our heart is given the likeness of a lotus, we should dedicate our heart to the temptation of flowers. There is also a suggestion of rose flower - teach navanum living among the thorns, the Lotus inspires non-attachment, while Mogra explains glory vayuddha karmas namely the character of the fruit, which is the true spirit of karma karmas "Officers. When I take the various fruits of the Lord's Supper month by saying, 'Ekta sautra pustarnav', tell the story of doing karma or eat of the fruit of art. Zifa na girl should not wish to be 'born again' 5 Samanpur, KSacrament - Whatever you have done to worship and exalt the spirit of the devil, is considered as karma, and you accept the fruit of the Lord, we have no right to accept the karma .There is no justification for throwing down 'negativity' justice. The fruit dedicated to the feet becomes a prasad and that prasad creates happiness in our life, whether it be to God or to fill with God. This is the spirit behind all of them. I have received all this with the help of your power, so I accept it as a blessing only after your feet have taken it. The step of the young man is to dedicate his wealth to the Lord, as long as it looks like living a life, and devote it to true worship. After the second lapse, the third time, and after what has happened, tell us Pawanni, in this Dove Yu, it is said that nothing happened to us in this way. If this is your life now, then this is for you too (so what interests you?) So surrender to the rhythm of life until it has a fun life | In short, write a love letter to the Lord, carry your life in His footsteps. Dedicate you to the workforce and not be dull, but work the Lord throughout the good life. 3 - True worship of both the Lord - ', 14, B% Father do not accept secondary


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G guru-disciple paramparas1 of India are like malas2 strung with gems;each jewel is precious and invaluable.Still, some shine with an attention-commanding splendor.Sri Adi Sankaracarya was such a diamond.Sri Sankara's accomplishments were many, but he is singledoutbecausehisbrilliant commentaries on the prasthana-trayam—upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita and the Brahma Sutras—crystallized the Advaita Vedanta Darsanam3 forever, establishing it as the ultimate Indian schools of thought.His various opponents—including the Purva Mimamsakas, who professedthat theVedas'primeteaching was the performance of rituals for the attainment of heaven and otherworldly splendor—were knocked flat, as Sankara laid bare the defects of their philosophies with his one-two punchof scriptural authority and logic.As per tradition, once defeatedby Sankara,they becamehis disciples.  his commentaries on the prasthana-trayam have been translated into dozens of languages and are today studied throughout the worl

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यदि पारिवारिक जीवन सूख जाता है - और पत्राचार बेकार हो जाता है, तो खाली आदमी के साथ कोई भी कार्य अप्रभावी हो जाता है। विवेकानद ने दुनिया को बदलने के लिए एक सौ मकसद की माँग की क्योंकि स्पष्ट समझ के साथ कि नश्वर मानव से कुछ भी कराया जा सकता है। परोपकारी मनुष्य अमूल्य हो सकता है, जबकि निराश्रित मनुष्यों के पास कोई मूल्य नहीं है। यदि उपासक की भक्ति चलती है, तो राष्ट्र एक जहरीला और अपमानजनक राष्ट्र बन जाता है और किसी के आत्मसमर्पण को स्वीकार करता है। पूजा भी की जानी चाहिए। शरीर शरीर में एक निर्वहन के रूप में कार्य करता है। अगर शरीर रहता है विशुद्ध रूप से एक परिणाम के मन और खुशी का अनुभव शांति के लिए जा रहे Vastha और रोगग्रस्त visarjanani कार्रवाई होता है .हर मुक्ति सुख देता है। ' इस संदर्भ में, 'हिंसा का बेनामी' गीता लाइन को समझने जैसा है। जीवन में बेकार शब्दों का प्रयोग किया जाना चाहिए। कम अहंकार क्रोध। ईमानदार अहंकार। यह क्रोध, आदि। जीवन में हानिकारक हैं। इन शब्दों से बचना चाहिए। समाज, राष्ट्र या संप्रभुता, मन की अड़चन, बुद्धि की जड़ता, दृष्टि के पूर्वाग्रह को रोका जा सकेगा। प