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worship is not a blissful way of worshiping a human being without worshiping Prana. The worship of life makes its person, family life, social life or national life enjoyable. To summarize, the whole creation is for the mortal. "Poor people can do no other thing, so much as ninth nap .Never their existence is becoming burdensome on this earth. To make life, work, or our society vital! Rishis have worshiped the Pentateuch .The same soul lives in different parts of our body; The Prana Prana; THR: The Hail of the Het of the HET is: / / .When the Prayer Surrender 'surrenders in the heart, the Prana remains in the air; The air is called, the air in the umbilical cord is counted, the vessel in the throat is in the air and in the form of meditation! Waste in the same body if the same thing and Pras' new useless ૯ The function of the heartless heart is to purify the blood .If this work continues, the human being will have a vigor and vigor. If there is no worship of Prana, then life is dissipated and work is performed. Worship of Prana in life means worship of Prayer thoughts. Positive thoughts destroy life! It is .It is a sight to see the brighter side of life .This is what makes sense.Worship of the forest makes "H van. Thapa m varta! A human being who used to write there with a ketu | nava. This is a folk forest. THMIR FARSH ja farf. If worship goes on, family life becomes dry - and correspondence becomes useless to any person. Vivekanad demanded a hundred motives for changing the world because of the clear understanding that anything is possible from mortal human beings. Pranavanam Manasma is invaluable to change the momentum while the humble human beings have no value. If the worship of Prana goes on, then the nation also becomes a poisonous person and accepts surrender to anyone. There should also be worship of aviation. Our body acts as an excrement in the substances in the body. If the body is not dumped or dumped, the body becomes unwell and diseased. The body remains pure if the action of dissolution is performed properly. The result is an experience of peace and happiness in the mind. Every discharge gives pleasure. Even in this context, 'Anonymous Anonymous' is like understanding the Gita line. You should also avoid throwing out useless things from life. Light type rag hatred. False ego. Stupid anger, etc., is harmful in life. Such talk should be taken away as an excuse. In family, society, nation or sovereignty, even narrowing of mind, inertia of intellect, prejudice of sight can be prevented. Work is only achieved if such things are dissipated early and the workers will experience peace of mind and happiness. Thus worship of aerospace also plays a very important part in the function. Equal worship is just as important. Our body does not expect it to increase our lives. His sight to see itBra in Low Being | Hit: / / | P-30 essence in life - Radiation Cough, talk and gall equilibrium are maintained in the pancreas. In life, you should be humble. As the lyricist has done: 'Giving TI 3' is the only yoga of happiness, happiness, long-suffering, failure, failure, success and failure. No departure is permanent. Success in failure will not be a disappointment but a delay is suggested. In failure success is delayed and or refused, the ladder of success is only the ladder of loyalty. Becomes a human being, a master of great deeds. Lord Buddha also saw his disciples on the same test as going for evangelism. A person whose success depends on spiritual development rather than external push, never ceases to be loyal and never loses his mental integrity. | The urethra in the throat acts to convey the emotion. The six of us get the odor because of this gas. Sneezing and stumbling is a relief, just as the expression of our feelings toward another human being becomes a relief to us as well as to the other person. As the sneeze subsides, the headaches subside or the loads of sarcasm become louder, as well as the personalization of our feelings for another human being, removing the burden and clutter that we have in our relationships and the relationship becomes lighter. Exaggerated modesty, or even the slightest, is harmful. Due to the hesitation of expressing their prices for each other, many poets may have lost their poetry in life. Even in the work, displaying one's own values ​​towards a colleague and promoting two or four flowers of appreciation is as sacred a task as purifying Vishnushastramanam. The priceless buckle of revealing the price in speech has been given to God by human beings. Worshiping the planets and turning that energy in the right direction can create a paradise on earth. Behavior moves throughout the body. No blood transfusions work૨ િલ Reel - Pooja is pranapasana. Body - Nurturing Benefits - Harm,. If there is any work to be done, there should be some people to eat throughout the work. "Vedic ideas like this were circulating everywhere in India, just like Brahmins and ascetics - to keep the blood flowing throughout society." This is the reason why the other Indian lives in nature This worship of digestion starts right in our personal, social and national life and pray to God to be fulfilled again!


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Lord Krishna Teaching Bhagwat Geeta

Lord Krishna Teaching Bhagwat Geeta In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that a person can atone for his sins in many ways like penance, charity, etc. But there is no faster, faster way to atone for sins than devotional service to God / Lord Krishna. In relation to the Bhagavata Purana and the Bhagavad Gita, both elaborate on the assurance that devotion to Lord Krishna is the supreme purifier for all the sins that a person commits in the course of life. 'Aapi Chet Su-misconduct Anointing mother Sadhu Samyag Vivasito H S S (Bhagavad Gita: Chapter IX verse 30) Through verse 30 above, God is telling Arjuna that even though the most sinful person worships him with full devotion, he only considers him as a saint because he resolved correctly in his life is. So many times we also think that we have committed many sins in life and how God will accept us, but here God makes it clear that once a person is devoted to them, then that person is not a sinner Go